Wednesday, June 1, 2011

provo parking stinks.

I hate provo parking.


Chris recently borrowed a scooter from an old roommate
of his to use for the summer while we are both
working in two different places.

Last night, Chris though instead of taking up a whole
separate space for one little scooter, he would park it behind
my car. Before we went to bed he decided it would be a good idea
to go check on the scooter just to make sure everything
was ok, and that it was still there.

He came back with a note saying
"you've been booted".


$65 later the boot was off and we were ticked. 
Ok, I was ticked. 
Oh, I was so mad last night. 
How were we supposed to know that we couldn't 
park two vehicles in one spot?
Does anyone know that?

Anyways, I have always hated provo parking, and
I will continue to always hate provo parking.
Enough said.

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