to do list

So I've always had a list of things that I want to do in my life.
The list just keeps growing too. So I need somewhere to write them down!
I've put a few things on here that I've already done just to help me feel accomplished!
Here's my bucketlist of things I want to do in my life:

- Do temple work in all Utah temples
- Get married in the temple  (2011)
- Have kids (2013)
- Raise a righteous family
- Go to Rome (2009)
- Go to Hawaii (2013)
- Help someone in need
- Travel to Europe (2004/2009)
- Give little acts of service everyday no matter if they're big or small
- Bake a pie (2011)
- Make a quilt (2014)
- Decorate my first place (2011)
- Pay off student loans
- Pay off our credit cards (2012)
- Study something gospel related every day
- Run the Ragnar 
- Learn to be a thrifty shopper
- Go to Zion's (2011)
- Hike Zion's (2012)
- Take Chris to Walt Disney World (2012)
- Collect the Disney Classics on DVD for my kids
- Watch all Harry Potter movies in a row (2014)
- Read the Harry Potter series again
- Cook through all my cookbooks that I got for my wedding
- Graduate from college (2012)
- Sit court-side at an NBA game. Doesn't matter what game, I just want to be there.
- Learn how to cook healthy meals for myself and my family
- Read at least 16 books in the year 2016
   - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
- Grow my own garden
- Get a sewing machine (2011)
- Teach myself how to knit/crochet cute things for my kids
- Get a 3.4 GPA for Fall semester 2011 at UVU (3.67 2011 - holler!)
- Go to New York City
- Go to Boston
- Go to Washington D.C. and see all the museums
- Love my husband more and more every day
- Fight my fear of water slides (2012)
- Go back to Europe with my hubby
- Go to The Ellen show
- Write a bestselling novel (stephanie meyer did it...haha)
- Get a puppy (Sadie 2012)
- Design and create my very own cookbook
- Go on a Disney Cruise to the Caribbean (2014)