Monday, August 29, 2011

birthday weekend

This past weekend I celebrated my 23rd birthday. I'm getting old, I know! Haha.
I let my sweet husband, Chris, plan the whole day. I usually just go out to dinner, but since I have
an awesome husband, I decided to let him plan a whole day of fun, and boy did he do good!

It started off with 
breakfast in bed
I've never had breakfast in bed, and so this was fun, plus super yummy!

don't I look just beautiful! haha.

Then we got ready for the day and got in the car to drive to a surprise location.
That location was 
Park City
 Oh how I love Park City! We haven't been up
there for a long time too, so I was super excited to go there and see
what my hubby had planned for me.

As we arrived in Park City, we drove up to a place that I haven't been to for YEARS. It was 
Utah Olympic Park
This place is so amazing. We came here to see the fantastic ski
ariel show that seriously blows your mind with what these guys can do!

It was a blast!

After the show, we ran a grabbed a bit to eat at the famous McDonald's in Park City. 
We didn't eat a lot because apparently we were going somewhere awesome for dinner!!

After some quick lunch, Chris took me...
Oh it's every girls dream :)
I also got a giftcard from my Mom to get some things while there.

Me at my favorite store, J.Crew. Oh this was fun!

I also got this cute Fossil purse. I've been dying for one!

After some shopping, it was time to continue on to the next activity. I seriously had
no idea the whole day what Chris had planned for us to do. Every single thing was so fun,
and I didn't want to day to come to an end!

We drove up to the 
Alpine Slide and Alpine Coaster 
We got to do this one time last year and had such a blast, so I was excited to do it again. 
We also were able to meet up with some of our friends who were up in 
Park City celebrating their 3rd year anniversary!

On our way up to ride the slide!

Me excited for the slide

Us on the coaster, which was such a blast!!

After this batch of amazingness, it was about time to go to dinner. So Chris headed over to 
Main Street, which I've never been to. We were a little early for dinner, so we walked around
Main Street and into a few shops. Chris and I found this really sweet shop with a bunch
of Park City paraphernalia. We got a sweet magnet for our fridge too!

Once it was time for our reservation, we headed to this place:

Blue Iguana
Oh my it was SOOOO yummy! I love Mexican food, and to have that on my
birthday, it was a dream come true. My hubby knows me so well!

This day was already so amazing, it was hard to believe that it wasn't yet over! After dinner we
headed back to happy valley for some presents and yet another surprise. As I walked in to
my apartment, I had my eyes closed. Chris got a fabulous surprise ready, that being
skype with my family
It was one of the best surprises all day to have! This was the first birthday where I wasn't
home in Minnesota celebrating it with my family, and so for Chris to make my family part of
me opening presents, it was absolutely amazing. He's pretty awesome :)

All-in-all, it was such a good birthday, and I am so grateful for the wonderful presents that I got from
all my family and my husband. But most of all I am so grateful to my wonderful husband
for planning such a wonderful birthday for me, and for loving me to bits and pieces.
I love you so much Christopher James!!

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