Thursday, May 31, 2012

the past month recaps...oh my!

Alright, I have been REALLY bad at posting over the last month...BUT we've been really busy, so I have a valid excuse :)

April was an eventful month for the McNulty household! Chris and I were both finishing our semesters, and we were moving out of our apartment (yay!) and we were leaving for Disney World at the end of the month. Can you say CRAZY!? I sure can...

Finals went great and it's so good to be done with that semester! Chris and I did well in our classes, and that's all that needs to be said. Haha.

We've moved!! Yay! We were so excited to get out of our apartment where we could hear everything around us. We were also excited to finally give Sadie and yard to run around in! Chris and I moved into a basement apartment that our friends used to live in. We are grateful to them for helping us get this place. We love it!! Here are a few pictures of our new humble abode:

 Us getting ready to move out

the new place

our favorite area in our house

dont mind our messy bed! sorry...haha

We are loving it here! As you can see we have a lot of stuff, but with our luck everything fit perfectly. I must say Chris and I love our new red couch. We were so glad it fit through the doors seeing that our entry way is a bit tight. Needless to say, we are all moved in and getting used to our new place.


May started off with some amazing Disney World fun. Chris and I hit our one year anniversary and we decided that we wanted to celebrate in Disney World since Chris has never been, and when were we ever going to be able to go again, with just us two? Yeah, never. Anyways...we had such a blast, and loved being there. It was really hot most of the days, but we got to see and do pretty much everything. 

It was so fun to be back there again. It's been 5 years since I was there working as a Cast Member. So much has changed too! I would remember different things as Chris and I would walk around the different parks. I'd point out to him different places I worked, and he asked me a bunch of questions about my experience. Most of the time I couldn't remember! How sad!? But it was so wonderful being able to take Chris back to a place that I love so much.

If I had to chose my favorite ride/part of it all, it would definitely hands down be the Toy Story ride in Hollywood Studios. Oh my goodness it was so fun. The ride itself is the same as the one in California, but I loved the entrance to the ride itself. So cute what they did!

Now we took about a ba-gillion photos (seriously), but I wont bore you with those. Here are just a few to highlight our wonderful, magical trip!

 yes we got matching Mickey shirts...don't judge!

 apparently it was a little too hot for this guy...
we just had to capture it

Space Mountain!! A personal favorite :)

One of the coolest places we got to go (after listening to some guy trying to sell us a vacation time share...we got to ride in a town car - fansy fansy-, and had an amazing breakfast though!) was to Orlando Universal Studios to see the Harry Potter world. OH. MY. HECK. This place was amazing, and the frozen mouth is just watering thinking about it. Oh man!!! I found a recipe for to make, so hopefully it will be yummy! We had at least 5 total...haha. It was so good!

This place was amazing though. Everything that they did to make it as real as possible. Going through the castle was by far my favorite part. Oh and the castle ride...AMAZING! I don't even know how to explain it, but all I can say is that I have never been on a ride like that before. Here are just a few pictures from our day just to show you how amazing it is!


So that's a short recap of our life over the past month...sorry it's so late!! Hope you enjoy :)

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  1. What a busy 2 months!! You trip to WDW looks like a blast. Soo much fun. That is where we went for our 1 year anni too! Its the perfect place, magical and romantic and it hold a special place in every former cast members heart... now I want to go back!!