Friday, April 12, 2013

baby update #1 : 12 weeks

A lot of friends and family have been asking me the typical questions a pregnant woman would get :
"How are you feeling", "have you been very sick", "do you feel like your showing", etc.

I was obviously going to do this already, but I want to start a weekly, or bi-weekly pregnancy update on here more so for my family who reads the blog, but also for my memories sake, since these days it's a little non-existent!  

Haha as sad as it is.

(Oh and I will be referring to the baby as Bambino since we don't know what it is yet)

Prego Highlights

Here are some beginning shots

How far along : 12 weeks and 2 days 

Size of baby : a plum

What's developing this week : Bambino's organs and tissues are developing, as well as it's reflexes, it can open and close it's fingers and curl it's toes, and the brain is continuing to develop.

Cravings / Aversions : Lately I have not been a huge eater, which I guess comes with the first trimester of pregnancy.  I've been doing my best to get as much protein and "good stuff", but man it is hard!  Lately all I want is salty stuff - chips, french fries, basically everything that I shouldn't be eating!  I have been having a lot of applesauce, fruit, whole grains, etc., so I am getting a good amount of the "good stuff" in.  I have also craved pizza, crisp bean burritos from Taco Time (my Mom would be so proud!), Buffalo Wild Wings, creamy soups, and Diet Coke - the caffeinated kind.  I only allow myself a tiny bit of that stuff here and there.  If it's something other than what I can't stand, I am usually pretty good at eating it :)

Things I've had a hard time with and can't smell...burgers and anything teriyaki.  Oh. Man.  It's been tough at work since they have a grill everyday, so I am able to smell it really easily, and it's been a tough one.  I also have a hard time with Sadie's dog food, and a dirty sink.  So glad I have a good husband who helps out!

Symptoms : I haven't been very vomity at all.  I got sick once in the very beginning, and would then be nauseous throughout the day.  Now it's been just at night after I come home from work where the nausea hits, and so dinner isn't the best thing for me, and poor Chris doesn't get fed very well lately.  Hopefully that will all soon change.  I've had some strong headaches, but nothing too bad.  No backaches yet, but I have had a hard time sleeping and getting comfortable.  Lately though that hasn't been much of an issue.  I've been pretty tired too.  I haven't been one though to go home and crash for hours.  I usually just veg on the couch for the rest of the night - also hoping this subsides soon so I can get outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather!  Smells are pretty bad.  I have a hard time eating in the cafe at work - all the food mixed together...yucko!!  Fish is another thing that I have a hard time with.  The smell of it drives me crazy, makes it hard to breath when I'm around it, and to actually enjoy my food.  

I've started noticing that my stomach is a lot smaller than it was before, so I am not able to eat as much as I could.  The past few days I've had a hard time being comfortable after I eat.  Not sure if it's because I've eaten too much, or if baby is really taking up that much room now?  Either way I have to practically lay flat in my chair afterwards.  It's a sight to behold I'll tell ya!

So far though things have been relatively easy with this pregnancy.  I feel really lucky to not be super sick.  Something else I've noticed is that I'm a "little" crabby...and I've gotten to be quite bold in what I say.  Haha. 

Prego Funnies :  My mind is totally gone.  When I heard about pregnant brain, Chris and I thought "oh that's just a made up thing".  No, it's definitely a real thing.  My brain is totally gone.  I forget things that I'm doing, and I'll forget things that I want to tell Chris, and work...oh man!  Sometimes I'll be in a meeting and totally draw a blank as to what I was going to say.  Multiple times!  It causes for some pretty funny moments.

Special Moments : This happened last week actually, but I still want to record it.  Chris and I went in for my 11 week appointment to hear the heartbeat.  I was really nervous for it because up to that point all we'd had done were pregnancy tests and blood work to tell me that I was pregnant.  So I was nervous that we were going to go in there and have no heartbeat, or find out that I was never really pregnant.  My OB (who's SO great) talked to us for a bit about things, and then she checked for the heartbeat.  Because it's still so small it took her a bit to find it, but when she did it was amazing!  Chris and I looked at each other with these huge grins and I somewhat yelled "It's real!!"  We only got to hear it for a few seconds before the baby moved and she wasn't able to find it anymore.  We could tell already that we were going to have a stubborn one!  It was such a sweet moment though that I was grateful Chris and I were able to share together.

Sorry this post was so long!  It's the beginning where I have to update everyone on the past 7 weeks.

Life is good though, and we are excited to finally be moving into the next chapter of our lives.  This bambino is going to change our marriage, and probably give us some gray hairs, but I am so excited to see the happiness and joy that it will also bring.

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  1. Yay! Exciting! I'm glad you aren't too sick. And don't hold your breath on getting that brain back any time soon. I didn't believe the "pregnancy brain" or "mom brain" thing either before.