Tuesday, April 2, 2013

hawaii : part II


After our trip to the Big Island, we flew to Oahu to spend the rest of our vacation with Chris' family.  We stayed at the beautiful Ko O'lina Vacation Club.  It was amazing, and so nice!  We had our own little beach cove where the waves were minuscule, and the water was crystal clear. 

Our first day we got there it was a little cloudy and rainy, so we drove up to the North Shore where we got some sno cones, walked up and down the street looking in shops, and hit up a shrimp stand for Chris and other's that like fish.  It was pretty fun!  

Before we left, we hit up the Pipeline to see some surfers.  Unfortunately we were there right as the waves were starting to calm down, so we didn't get to see much, but it was still cool to be up there and to see it all.

Later that night we wanted to hit up the pool and test out our new camera that takes underwater pictures.  I would say it does a pretty good job!  We had some fun with that.

A few days later we went to Hanauma Bay to go snorkeling.  We got up super early to beat the crowd ( sure glad we did too because it got crowded!).  It was totally worth it.  It was a beautiful day, and we were able to see so many fish.  It was really cool!

After snorkeling we hiked to this lighthouse, which was really pretty!  We got to see some pretty active whales that were waving at us from the ocean.  Pretty cool.  I've never seen that before!

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  1. Okay this looks incredible! I'm officially super jealous!!! So glad you guys had fun.