Saturday, April 6, 2013

sadie's easter adventure

Last Saturday, Chris and I took Sadie to Wheeler Farm with some of Chris' co-workers and their dogs to hunt for Easter eggs!  We thought it would be fun for Sadie to go and do something she hasn't before. ( look at me...I'm talking like Sadie is a person...! )

We should've known that she was going to be way too excited with all the other dogs to crack open the eggs and get the treat that's hidden inside.  We ended up doing it for her and making her do tricks to get the treats!  We still had fun, and thought it was a cool idea for dogs and their owners.  Plus we got a goodie bag with free stuff afterwards!

Here are some pictures from our day of fun with Sadie :

Sadie was so cute.  She stayed by her friend, Lani, the whole time while we walked to the field where the eggs were hidden.  Melted my heart!

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