Tuesday, June 4, 2013

baby mcnulty is...

We found out what we are having yesterday.  It's a...

WE are going to have a baby BOY!!  We are excited, and Chris can't stop smiling.  He was so excited last night that he just wanted to go and buy all things "cars" (as in Disney's Cars) for our little boy.  It's so fun to see him so excited.

For me it's just a sense of relief that there is a healthy baby growing inside of me.  Since this was my first ultrasound during this pregnancy, it was so nice to finally be able to see our baby boy, and to know yet again that it's real!  There is actually a human baby growing inside of me.

He was such a little angel during the whole ultrasound too.  He was facing the wand (or whatever it's called??), so we were able to get a perfect picture of his face!  I will admit, Chris and I were kind of creeped out haha, but I can't stop looking at the picture of his face and thinking that that's my little guy, and that I'm going to get to hold him soon.

After our appointment, Chris and I went straight to Target and each picked out an outfit for our little guy.  It was so fun to finally be able to look at everything and know what gender we were shopping for.

I'm so excited.  He's going to look like a little man!  Chris picked out the football one and I chose the other outfit.  Can't wait to dress my boy up in these :)

The rest of the night we did all things "boy".  We went and ate at Buffalo Wild Wings, golfed some mini golf holes at a fun little spot, made a Build a Bear and dressed him in a Jazz outfit, got some Krispy Kreme donuts, and watched Hot Rod (Chris' choice, not mine! haha).  Overall it was a good night to celebrate the gender of our little baby McNut.


  1. Yay... baby boys are fun!

  2. So cute! Such a fun night and I love how excited Chris is. Dads make little boys so much more fun!!