Monday, June 17, 2013

baby update #5 : 20/21 weeks - halfway!!

(ok this post is way late...better late than never though, right?)

Prego Highlights

How far along : 21 weeks and 4 days - HALFWAY!
(sorry for the late's been a CRAZY week!)

Size of baby : a banana

What's developing this week : our baby has working taste buds, is swallowing, and is a boy! 

Wedding ring on or off? : On (and still fitting loosely)

Belly button in or out? : In

Maternity clothes? : still wearing my same clothes.  I made a maxi skirt this past weekend, and definitely loved wearing that!  It was so comfortable, and I was loving it.

Cravings / Aversions :  still anything salty.  I'm trying to lean more towards healthier choices now that I'm at the halfway mark and not feeling so picky about food anymore, and unfortunately, most of the things I have been eating taste pretty darn good, so it's probably time to start eating a bit better :)

Symptoms : sciatic nerve is still kicking my butt - literally.  I'm loving this trimester though.  I feel so good, and so full of energy and I love feeling like this.  I just wish I could feel the baby more than I have already!

It's getting a bit hot at night for me lately, so Chris and I have been sleeping in the basement to stay cool, and it has made a difference!  I have been able to get some good night's sleep being in the basement.

I have heartburn like crazy still!  It hasn't been every day, but when I have it, man it hurts!  Any tips would be appreciated greatly :)

I've been able to feel the baby a bit more now!  I was poking around one night and I got quite the kick I think I made him a bit annoyed :)  But I have definitely been able to tell the difference now between what's baby moving and what's gas/cramp/whatever.  It's so exciting, and it feels weird!

Prego Funnies : none that I can remember... 

Special Moments :  We got to see the baby last week through an ultrasound.  This was the first one we've been able to have so far in the pregnancy, and so it was such a relief to see the baby, and to know that he's real, and that he's healthy!  I was so nervous for this moment, but it was such a humbling and sweet experience that Chris and I were able to have together, and I will never forget that.  Now I want more of them!!

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  1. I love your baby updates! So cute!
    For the heartburn, if it's every day you can ask your doctor about prilosec (over the counter, and you can get generic.) My doctor let me have it with my second baby. The first I didn't have it as often, so I just chewed Tums all the time!