Thursday, February 13, 2014

Parker - 4 months

Weight: 15 lbs. -- what a chunk!!
Height: 25 inches

- He LOVES to talk.  He will often make sure that we are listening to him wherever we are.
- Starting to laugh, and it's so stinkin' cute!!
- He's rolled from his back to front, and front to back a few times.
- Loves to grab a hold of his toys.
- Discovering his hands, and the art of fitting his fist inside his mouth.
- Still sleeping through the night beautifully!  Mom and Dad and very happy about this one.
- He's discovered his tongue and keeps sticking it out.  
- Loves watching TV, especially his Baby Einstein DVD's.

Those are just a few "new" things that our baby boy has been doing over the past month.  I know I keep saying this, but it really is so exciting to see Parker learn and grow each week.  He's evolving quicker than I could have imagined.  The next big step, baby food!!  I'm so excited to start this chapter.  Don't know why...just am :)

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