Wednesday, March 19, 2014

St. George - Part 2

Last week, Chris had spring break, which means no classes!!  We decided the weekend before to take a last minute trip to St. George to visit his grandparents that live there, and to do some hiking.  Man I love St. George!  There's just something about the warm weather, and the red rock that I can't get enough of.

Like I said in my previous post of St. George, we went and hiked the Emerald Pools, which was so fun, and so beautiful!  Here's what else we did that day...

Something else that we've really enjoyed while being in St. George, is Chris's grandparents like to find ancestors of theirs that are buried there.  They then like to take us to go and see the grave sites.  Some of these ancestors played a part in discovering Zion's and settling in Rockville, as well as another town.  It was really interesting seeing the grave sites from back then.  Also sad to see those that were so young that died!

Chris and I also swung by part of the Narrows hike.  I had never seen it, and so we walked the path to the entrance/exit of it.  It was breath taking!  I loved the colors of the rocks, and everything around me.  So glad we made the quick stop.

At the end of our day we headed to Oscar's to eat an early dinner.  If you are ever in search of a great place to eat right outside of Zion's, this is the place you want to go.  Man it was SO good!! 

 One of the other days while down there, Chris and I decided to head to our favorite spot to eat while in St. George called Benja's.  It's a Thai place that serves amazing food.  I was even talked into trying to wasn't bad being deep fried and all :)

After our lunch, we headed to Snow Canyon.  It was really fun to get out on our own and hike around a little bit.  The scenery was breath taking, the weather was beautiful, and I loved getting some exercise in while enjoying it all.  One of my favorite things I saw that day was the carving of some pioneer names into the red rock.  It was amazing to see something from over a hundred years ago, still visible.

We had such a fun trip, and even though I got a little bit of a sinus infection (I always do...), we were still able to have a great time as a little family, and with Chris's grandparents.  Can't wait to go down again sometime when it's a bit warmer!

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  1. Looks awesome and warm. Thanks for sharing your tips!