Sunday, June 22, 2014

Parker - 7 months!

OK, clearly one can see I've been super busy since I'm posting Parker's 7 month update by the time he's past 8 months judgement!

Weight: 20 lbs.

Our little guy has quite the personality now-a-days.  We can't get enough of seeing him change into a new person each week, and to see what he's developed and is interested in.

What Parker's like these days:

- He sits up all the time, and loves it.
- Is eating anything and everything we've been feeding him - baby food style.
- Rolling around like crazy.
- Still sleeping through the night peacefully.
- Is fascinated with his toys.  He acts like he hasn't ever seen them each day I put them out for him to play with.
- He's stronger than ever.
- Still LOVES baby einstein, and will sit and watch it over and over.
-    Fitting into 6-9 month, sometimes mostly 9 month clothing.
- Knows how to put baby treats into his mouth.
- Loves drinking from his sippy cup of water.

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