Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Parker - 9 months!

We've been busy at the McNulty household.  Some new and exciting things, but it's summer...what can you expect!

On a crazier note, our baby is 9 months!  We can't even believe it.  It's gone by so fast, but we've loved every minute of it!

Weight: 20 lbs
Height: 29 inches!! - 75th percentile

- He's started scooting/army crawling! We will put a toy in front of him, and he wiggles his feet and kicks off the ground to scoot on his tummy, and get whatever it is. After 2 weeks of figuring stuff out, he's now on the move, and can get almost anywhere he wants to go -- my life is about to change dramatically!
- Talks more and more every day.
- Taking LONG naps still.
- Getting super strong, and loves to stand up.
- Loves the water, and swimming in the pool.
- When he gets excited he moves his hands like crazy!
- Likes trying new foods. So far he likes - chicken, cantaloupe, bread, and still all his baby food.
- Rides in the "big kid" car seat now, and even rides facing forward, and he's loving being able to see out the front window! (I thought he had to wait until he was at least 1 yrs. old, but apparently not according to the instructions!)

Here are some pictures from the last month. Can't believe he's getting so big!

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