Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hello Again...!

It seems that I have a running theme going on lately with this blog...that theme being I haven't written for a long time...oopsies!!  In all reality we have been INSANELY busy at our house.  Lots of things have been unfolding, and we've been busy planning, so pardon for my absence, but I promise it was all worth it -- to us at least. Hehe.

Well, I'll get right to it -- our big family news as of late is that -- We are moving BACK to Utah!!  Long story short, Chris was offered a great opportunity to help open an office in Salt Lake City for his company.  When we found out about this opportunity we couldn't have been more excited!  We knew that Utah was a place we wanted to settle our family, and we couldn't pass up the great affordability ;) !!  We'll be packing up and moving at the end of May ... !

Can't wait!!  (Mostly for the warm weather ;) haha)

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