Friday, June 5, 2015

McNulty Casa Bonita

Back at the beginning of this year, when Chris and I knew we would be moving back to Utah, we talked about what we wanted to do living wise when we got back - move back into our house, or look at other options?

We knew we needed to be close to the Front runner for Chris to take to the city and the airport when needed, and luckily the last stop was where our current house is in Provo, but with the recent spike in home values, we were really tempted to sell.  After lots of pondering, talking, and number crunching, we decided the best thing to do was to sell our Provo home a house!

We could not be more excited about this new phase for our family!!  It definitely is coming sooner then I think either Chris or I imagined, but it couldn't be a better time, so we are accepting it with open arms!

Our new home is being built through Edge Homes and will be located in Saratoga Springs.  We found the perfect neighborhood that sits up on a hill, so we have a beautiful view of Utah Lake, and the mountains - which I love!

The house is already underway, and should be done end of August / early September, which couldn't come soon enough...!

This is the house we are building!  It's the Lauren floor plan through Edge Homes.  We fell in love with the craftsman style homes back in my home state - Minnesota - and wanted that style in our future home.  So we were more than thrilled to see that style popping up all over Utah.

Our lot before they broke ground!  We have a little hill in the backyard, and tons of space on either side of the house.

Our view!  I think we will have many nights sitting on our front porch soaking it all in.

May 22nd -- The ground has been broken for our home!!

May 27th -- The footings are being put in!

May 29th -- the footings and most of the foundation are in!!  Crazy to see the house start to take shape.

Chris and I seeing our lot together for the first time since the process began.

June 4th -- The pluming is going in! 

The left picture shows the colors of our home.  We are going for a rustic farmhouse feel, so we chose more neutral tones like grey and wood accents.  We'll have white cabinets with black counters in the kitchen, and a farmhouse sink!

 The outside color of our home.  Here it looks really dark, but it's actually a really cool exterior color because it changes colors depending on the light of day.  So sometimes it looks like a really dark blue and sometimes it looks more charcoal like.

I'll post more in the future as the house progresses!

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