Thursday, December 10, 2015

Our Summer Review (and a few months more... :)

So yet again it's been a little bit of long time since I've blogged...and I could use the excuse that "I was busy", and we have been very busy, but I've missed being able to document what's been going on for our little family.  

Since a lot has happened, I felt like the easiest would be to show it in pictures!  So enjoy this long "photo" post :)

Summer: We moved back to Utah and set up camp at my Grandparent's house while our mcnulty casa bonita was being built.  We had all kinds of adventures from swimming, going to Star Valley, welcoming home Hermana Aase, enjoying a family movie from BYU Cougar field, taking LOTS of trips out to our house to watch the progress, and even a family trip to the sunny Florida Keys.  It was a great summer, and we were sad to see it end, but ok with it at the same time because that meant our house was done!!

House: Our house is done!!  It was such a fun process to watch unfold.  I'm so happy that it's done and that we are moved in and here, but at the same time I'm sad it's over!  I never realized how exciting, stressful, and looong the process of building a house was until we went through it.  It was worth it though!

Fall: Our house was done and we made the big move into it!  Even though we didn't move the majority of our boxes into our house (Thanks Helping Hands ;), we don't have any plans to move again for a very, very long time.  We spent the next month unpacking and getting settled into our new abode and were loving every minute of it!  We had lost of visits from Grandma and Grandpa Aase, the temple sealing of my cousin and her cute family, and of course all our Back to the Future Halloween fun!

Parker's 2nd Birthday:  My baby is 2!!!  How did this happen!?  I'm sorry Parker that you didn't get your very own post this time around...but I still have to give you a shout out and post some pictures because I seriously loved how everything turned out for this Toy Story themed party :) and of course the cake that I made that I am extremely proud of!

Here's to starting (and keeping up) the blog again!  

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