Saturday, January 9, 2016

A New Year, New Goals, & Some Christmas Recap

** Alright, so I'm already back to where I was before...saying I would blog, and then not blogging again for a week+.  I did set it as a goal to be better at blogging, since I love taking pictures and I need somewhere to post them other than my iPhoto album!  So here's to a New Year, and my goals! **

December was a busy month, as it is for every family I think!  It's just a busy, fun time of year.  Chris and I made a goal to choose several Christmas activities to do during the month to help celebrate the season, and make the most of the month -- because before you know it, it's come and gone!

We did lots of fun things.  We went to The Festival of Trees and ate some yummy scones, went to Temple Square to see the lights, we made sugar cookies to send to our friends and neighbors, and Chris and I got to see Star Wars (which was AMAZING!!).  

We even attempted to take some family pictures!  Having a 2 year old makes it a little rough -- glad we had some good friends behind the camera to make it a little easier!

Christmas this year was SO much fun with Parker.  He loved opening all his presents, and just couldn't get enough of each new toy he got.  This holiday got so much better with a kid, and being able to share in the excitement of it all with him makes me excited for the years to come.

We spent most of the day with family, watching the basketball games, eating WAY too much food, having Nerf gun wars (and having Parker nail me right in the eye!), and playing with all our new things!  I'm sad it's over, but loved all the fun moments we had!

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