Monday, May 23, 2011


(This is the only time I'm going to write about this)

Efy is starting this week. That has been my life for the last 3 summers.
Every week I would put on those colored polos and name tag,
run around like crazy with youth, and help improve my life little by little.

It's hard to imagine that I won't get to do that this summer. Chris and I both
talked about how it's hard to believe that we wont be there with youth
and at the dances, and eating the ok food. 

The thing that I am going to miss the most though is seeing the youth 
change and seeing their testimonies of our Savoir grow. It was such a blessing
to take part in and I am so grateful for those 3 summers that I was able to.

My life now consists of something much better though.
I'm sealed to my best friend in the temple. We have an eternal marriage.
Something that will last forever. Efy doesn't do that. Sure the things
that were taught last forever, but the week doesn't.

Chris and I now get to teach our own children 
(when that time comes of course)
the things that we taught our youth at efy. We can have our own
FHE activities, dances, and devotionals. All those things that we did at
efy, we can now do with our own family one day.

One of the things that I was able to take away from 3 summers
of efy was how to be a great parent. It's how to teach my
children about our Savior and His love for them.
It's to teach them about the plan of happiness and temple marriages.

Efy is a wonderful program, but eternal marriage is better.
Much better.

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