Sunday, May 1, 2011

married life is bliss

My blogger friends, I'm finally back into the blogging world!


I'm married. AHH!
I know I already made a post saying that I 
was married, but here's another one with more details.
Along with a picture to prove it!

my cute family and the new husband!

[ WARNING: This is a long post due to the fact that I haven't posted in forever ]

Being married has been really surreal. Chris and I are still saying to each other that we can't believe we are married, and that we actually went through with it all! It was such a fun journey. It was so busy
though! Oh my heck. My wonderful family drove out a week early to be here to help out with everything that needed to be done before the big day. 

We got my bridals taken, I took my endowments out, and we sat all during General Conference making these cute flower balls that hung in the reception center, along with many other little projects. We had bridal showers and family parties that were all centered on us, which we loved!

one of our bridal showers!

the Aase family picture

The day of the wedding was wonderful. It really was. I woke up to stormy skies, but luckily it hadn't started raining just yet. I had Alex from Signature Brides do my hair, and she did a fabulous job! I loved my wedding day hair. My parents and I left for the temple with me being nervous as heck, but so excited to actually be getting married in the temple to my best friend. When we got there the weather was still holding out, but I have to say I was in the state of "whatever happens, I'm ok with!"

The sealing was really amazing. We were so lucky to have tons of friends and family there with us. I couldn't stop smiling. After we finished, my Mom helped me get back into my dress and I met up with Chris. A cute temple worker said some things to us and then led us to the stairs to walk up to then go outside to see all of our friends and family. There were so many there to see us! It was truly a blessing. 

If I really want to talk about blessings, I would talk about the weather... long story short, the weather held out for us all the way until our videographer said he was done, then it just poured and the wind blew and oh my heck...! We were so incredibly lucky that we were able to get everything done without the weather being a problem. But everything else turned out to be really great. The reception was so fun and we had so many people travel (in bad weather even) to share in our special day. I felt so blessed, but I felt truly blessed for a wonderful family that did so much for us on this day, and to also finally be sealed to my best friend, Christopher James McNulty.

I loved my wedding day. I loved that I was able to marry the man of my dreams in the temple and that I could have family and friends there to share in our special day. I am also grateful for the blessings Chris and I have been given since that day for making the decision that we did. Being married is so fun!!

p.s. more wedding pictures to come ... we are still waiting for them!! 
p.s.s. honeymoon post is next :)

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