Sunday, May 1, 2011

mexico anyone?

We had such a great honeymoon. Honestly, the weather was fantastic and the hotel was amazing. We really lucked out. Both of us had never been to the lovely Cancun, Mexico and we were dying to go! My cute husband kept the location of our honeymoon a secret form me until the day before we left. I was so excited when he told me where we were going! I knew it was going to be somewhere warm, but Mexico was exactly the place I wanted to go.

We were very fortunate to have such great Grandparents that helped us in getting to this little piece of paradise because let me tell you, it wouldn't have happened otherwise! 

Saturday morning, bright and early ... as in 4:30 am, my new husband and I got on a shuttle and made out way to the airport to fly to sunny Mexico. After about 9 hours of travel (with layovers included) we finally landed in Mexico! Oh my humidity. I hadn't felt that much since way back when, but needless to say it was so nice to be somewhere warm. We rode the bus to the hotel, moved our stuff in, and then ate at a yummy mexican restaurant right by the pool. Oh my gosh the food was so yummy. 

The rest of the week consisted of trips to Walmart, going to this sweet place called Xplor that consisted of ziplines and waterfalls, along with another place called Xcaret that had beautiful beaches and so much to do (more to come on those in a bit). We also ate dinner at a ton of different places, did some shopping, went to a karaoke bar, and explored the town. Cancun is full of a lot of amazing things! It was so fun to be there.

So Xplor was amazing. We left our hotel at about 8 am and drove about an hour to the place. After we got there we got changed and started our adventure! For the first hour we drove around in an amphibious car, which wasn't really in the water that much. Then we started the zipline corse that had 14 different lines that we went on. Such a blast!! I have never done this before and both Chris and I had a blast. After that we floated in the underground caves and enjoyed the scenery. If you ever go to Cancun you MUST go here. It was money well spent and we don't regret one bit. Here are some pictures from our day:

Xcaret was another place that we went to. This was a really fun day!! We started out by walking around and seeing a bunch of the animals that they had there. Dolphins, sea turtles, manitees, etc. We then got ready for our sea walk. We actually walked on the sea floor!! It was so awesome. I was scared to death though. Oh my. I wasn't quite sure how I felt about the whole breathing thing while being 20 feet below the surface, but it was actually quite simple. It was totally worth it and as soon and Chris was down there with me, all fears were gone. We wish we would've taken an underwater camera with us! But the rest of the day we relaxed by the beautiful coast, swam along another river, watched a play showcasing the history of Mexico, and enjoyed the area. It was really a lot of fun! Here's a picture we bought of us underwater!

The rest of the time we just enjoyed being at the beach and getting yummy smoothies during happy hour. Our favorite drink by far was what they called the Banana Monkey. It tasted just like a chocolate milkshake with banana in it. I tried making one when we got home ... definitely not the same. I'll have to keep working on it! Here are some more pictures from the week:

What a wonderful honeymoon. Thank you to my amazing husband for making it happen!!

I love you.

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