Saturday, June 4, 2011

for my mom.

OK, I'm so embarrassed to admit that I never made my 
Mom a birthday post. I'm a horrible daughter.
Sorry Mom if you've been reading my blog and never
saw a post for you! Well, here it is.

My Mom celebrated her birthday on May 18th.
I wish I could've been there to celebrate her birthday too!
Luckily though, she had some family visiting, so she
had quiet the house full of family.

Here are some reasons my Mom is awesome:

- She always does her best to make her children happy
- Always willing to talk and gives good advice
- Made life easy growing up
- Always makes any holiday a fun one
- Teaches us valuable lessons
- Gives prizes for those who find anything lost in the house
- Loving mother
- Creative
- Always has a clean house (I get this from her)
- Kind to everyone
- Drives her kids wherever they need to be even if it means she's in the car for 4 hours straight
- Makes the best food any Mom could make
- Great teacher
- Best Mom ever.

I love you Mom.
Happy (late) Birthday!

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