Sunday, June 5, 2011

one year ago

(this is the closest picture I could find to our first date)

One year ago today, Chris and I had our 
very first date. I still remember the details 
of it all like it was yesterday.

He picked me up in his uncles truck.
We went to a "chick" place (aka Zupas) for dinner.
After that, to kill some time, we walked around
a pond in Sandy where he and his friends
used to fish all the time. I remember us just talking
non-stop about everything in our lives and
everything that we cared about.

We then met up with his ward and went to the drive in
off Redwood Road to see Shrek 4.
I remember nothing about that movie because
all we did was talk to whole time.

He held my hand.
(on the first date, that's right)

I was on cloud 9.
I remember thinking that this guy
was something else. That I was so grateful
to have met him and to be on that date with him.

After the movie I remember we got ready to leave
and the truck wouldn't start. Haha. He was so
embarrassed it was so cute. So we walked
over to the desk to ask them for some help.
Apparently it happens all the time!

It's a good memory of ours.

So since our anniversary fell on a Sunday,
we decided to celebrate this past Friday.

We went to Texas Roadhouse,
where our good friend Jake and his adorable wife
Mikki work. (They gave us an awesome discount, 
which helped since we're poor college students).
Then Chris got free movie tickets from work
so we went and saw the new X-men movie
(very good by the way!!)

Overall we had a great night!
I can't believe that it's been a year and look
at where we are at now! Married and living the newlywed
life. It's been amazing and I wouldn't trade any of it.

I love you Christopher James. 
Here's to many other anniversaries to come!

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