Sunday, June 12, 2011

for my husband

On June 9th, my husband Christopher James McNulty
returned home from his mission in the Dominican Republic 
just 2 years ago. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to him for
his decision to first serve a mission, and second
to serve it to his fullest. 

Chris loved his mission. He talks about it all the time.
I love hearing his many stories of converts, bathroom experiences,
and his love for the people he served for 2 years.

Because he served a mission, I know that he will
continue to be a good husband and will become a wonderful father
one day in the somewhat near future. He is able to help teach me
more about the gospel so that we both can teach our children.

Because of his mission, he is a stronger, wiser man.
It was my goal to marry a worthy return missionary, and
he was able to be that person. I am so grateful to
my husband for being that return missionary.

Congrats babe on being home for 2 years.
Look at all you've done since then:

Got more school done.
Worked as an amazing counselor at EFY
Met a girl.
Married that girl in the temple.
And are now an awesome husband.

I love you Christopher James!

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