Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of july weekend

What a weekend Mr. M and I had! I am so sad that it's over!
We went up to Mr. M's grandparents cabin in the Uinta Mountains.
I was so excited, and so was Mr. M that the day we left
felt like it went on forever! Finally though, it was time to leave.

We packed up the car and made our way north to the cabin.
It was such a relaxing weekend, plus this cabin is so awesome! it
doesn't even feel like your camping. Basically you get the
best of both worlds up there.

Mr. M and I stayed pretty active while relaxing at the same time
of course! Friday night we just hung out and visited with
Gma and Gpa Jackson and Mr. M's uncle Steve and his wife Emma.

Saturday morning we went on the sweetest 4 wheeler 
ride I've been on so far! 

We took this trail that had a natural spring run off
from all the snow that was still melting. Yep that's right, snow...

 These people got stuck in the snow!

 Mr. M making a snow angel in the snow

I got to be pretty good at driving the 4 wheeler! It was so fun.

The rest of Saturday we enjoyed some hamburgers and grilled
corn, which was so yummy! We then hung out and played some games. 
We loved just being able to relax with family!

Sunday we drove into Wyoming and went to the ward that was
held there. Wow, what a different group of people! Some of
the nicest ones you'll meet. But there were full on cowboys there with
big belt buckles and cowboys boots. It was awesome.

That night Greg, Patty and their kids joined us and we
cooked up some s'mores over an awesome campfire that
Mr. M created and enjoyed each other's company!

 Luke enjoying his s'more

Cute Jake enjoying more chocolate than he can handle!

 The JUMBO marshmallows we used

 Some of the gang by the fire

Greg trying not to get s'more in his beard

We finished the night by watching a movie
and playing a couple rounds of Settlers with the family.
(love that game!)

The 4th of July.
My favorite day!

We had so much fun this day, even though the weather
didn't want to cooperate! It was drizzling and cold,
but I wasn't going to let it ruin our day!

We started out with a yummy breakfast.
Mr. M, Steve, and I then headed out to go do some shotgun
shooting. I have never been before and I was excited and
a tee bit nervous! But it was awesome.

Here I am shooting Steve's gun...it was so cool!

Mr. M shooting his gun...isn't he adorable?

I did pretty good! I was able to hit 3 of the clay pigeons...out
of the 50 that were thrown for me! Haha. But still, I think
for a first timer, who's never shot a gun, that's not too shabby!

Mr. M did WAY better than me of course...he's pretty awesome.

After we had used all of our boxes of shotgun shells, and
my arm was numb from the kick of the gun, we decided to call
it good and headed back to the cabin. We spent the rest of the lit part
of the day playing another round of Settlers and then eating
a BBQ dinner that was mighty tasty!

Once the sun started setting, we packed up and headed
to Evanston, Wyomin for some firework fun!
Boy was I in for a treat...holy cow!

This place was insanely sweet. There were fireworks going off
from every end and spot you could think of. We were
darting left and right to miss the things flying at us.
I have never seen something like this before.
I just had to capture it on film.

You can't really see all the fireworks, but you can
hear all of them going off in the background!

We found the rest of the family and starting lighting
all the fireworks that uncle Greg bought.
Boy what a show!

Mr. M decided to get some fireworks of his own and 
was lighting that off. He is quite the pyro-expert!

For his last firework he connected four different ones
together to create a firework spectacular.

It started out pretty good, and then it back fired. Haha.
One of the motors that was connected to the rest of the fireworks
tipped over and instead of shooting upwards, it shot sideways,
into all of us. It was hilarious! No one was hurt, but it was
pretty funny. One of the sparks ended up hitting
Luke in the bum, the one person who hated all fireworks
to begin with. Oh it was funny!

 Drew and Mr. M

Overall it was a great 4th of July.
We loved getting away for the weekend and
can't wait to get away again this weekend!

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  1. ms paige-

    first of all, you have a pass of all passes??? We should go! Pete doesn't have one but Carson and I go all the time!

    Secondly that fourth of july poster you did was ADORABLE!!! My word girl you have talent! um, maybe you should do more little projects for me and i will blog them like crazy and and then you will be famous! (because everyone in the world reads my blog you know. ha!)

    Lastly, we got that buffet (elsie mae) from our garage in provo. it was another piece we inherited with the house.

    ok double lastly, i need to see you! thats all. I love you cute girl!