Wednesday, June 29, 2011

pass of all passes

A few weeks ago, Mr. M and I decided to get these little beauties:

The beloved Pass of All Passes to all the above places, and it
has been awesome! We've gone to Trafalga for a few
FHE nights and other random nights to play mini golf, and it's
been so fun! We hate just sitting in the house while it's
summer doing nothing but watching 24 or t.v.

Mr. M thought it would be really funny to take these pictures of
me miniature golfing, which show an epic failure...

(getting ready to put)

(hit it a little too far to the right)

(fishing the ball out of the rocks = epic fail)

Needless to say, these passes have been so much fun,
and we are so glad we bought them! Tomorrow we are going to
go enjoy Seven Peaks and get our tans on before we head to
California for the beach house (so excited for this btw).

If you're interested in some more information, 
go here and see where all the fun is!!

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