Thursday, August 25, 2011

a weekend away at the cabin

Chris and I decided to get away for a few days this last weekend to his
grandparents cabin. What a much needed break for the both of us!


We drove up Saturday afternoon and hopped on a four-wheeler right away.
We headed to Lilly Lake to do some fishing. I rock at fishing. Just sayin! We were up
there for almost two hours and I caught 5 fish! Poor Chris could barely have
fun fishing because he had to keep taking the fish off my hook and
then get me set up again to fish. 

It was so fun! I never thought I would like fishing so much. I guess
 having someone who loves it just has much with you makes it better! 

After fishing, we raced back to beat a storm that was coming in. We had planned
a pretty sweet dinner for that night,

tin foil dinners and fresh corn on the cob


It was such a good dinner. I loved it! We will be doing this again over
labor day weekend for sure! I forgot how good they were. Both Chris and I forget
how much we loved them, so it was great to have them.


This was our day to relax! It was so great to have nothing to do. We got up and had
some breakfast, watched a little tv, and then decided to go on a nice drive up
one of the roads to another pond. We did some leisurely fishing, where
I caught 4 fish (no big deal), but I did get eaten alive by mosquitoes. I guess that's
what we get for fishing on a sunday.

We drove back and spent the rest of the day watching 24 and a movie here and there.

Chris made us a fabulous steak dinner. It was tasty! My hubby can grill some good stuff!


Monday we decided to go on a sweet four-wheel drive around the cabin. We ended up on
the top of this ridge overlooking the mountains. I wish I had taken a picture of it
because it was amazing. The view was great and Chris did a good job at getting us up
and down that ridge. I wouldn't have been able to do it!

We then headed back to the cabin, packed up our things, and headed to Mirror Lake
to do some more fishing. This weekend was full of fishing if you couldn't already
guess! It was a beautiful day, although we had some nasty wind roll in
while we were there and it made things a little tricky when trying to catch some stuff. 
But we did. I caught 3 more fish, and Chris caught 3 as well. 

After fishing, we headed home, but not without stopping at the famous Dick's Drive In.
Oh what a yummy place this is. Chris first introduced this yummy little joint to me
labor day last year. I fell in love with it! They have the best burgers and fries and shakes
one could ask for. It's probably a good thing that it's over an hour away from us!

Overall, we had a great weekend away. Chris and I haven't spent time alone since our
honeymoon and it was nice! We are fortunate to have such great grandparents that gave us 
an opportunity to do so. Thanks Doug and Delene! 

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