Thursday, August 25, 2011

nickel city

This is a little place Chris and I like to go to occasionally. 
One night we decided to go and have some fun!

What a night of luck!

We got two bags full of nickels and played some random games until
the Bass game was free. We played a few times and then finally
it happened. We spun and we got RICH!
We won 1000 tickets. That's right, 1,000 tickets!

We've never been that lucky before.

Here is my excitement over our winnings

My favorite thing about this picture is the kid behind me! Haha

This was our end result of tickets

It was a fun night, and as we stood trying to figure out what to get, I fell
in love with my husband even more for what he decided to do next.

He turned to this Dad standing next to us with the cutest little boy and gave
him our receipt and we went home. I don't think that Dad knew how many tickets
we had just handed him! Hopefully he was able to get his son something great.

I married a remarkable man :)

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