Monday, November 21, 2011

miss sarah's wedding

So this post (like most) is way overdue, but I felt it still needed to be posted! On November 3rd, my dear friend Sarah, also one of the Florida girls who I'll have to tell you all about one day soon, got married 
to her wonderful finace, Tanner. They were so cute and just beaming on their big day, as we all do of course! But the weather turned out so nice.

I met outside of the temple with a few of the other FL girls while we waited for Sarah and Tanner to come out. Weddings with the FL girls are quite the occasion! Its one of the times that all of us (with life allowing it) are able to get together and just party and visit and most of all laugh.

Sarah's reception was just that. It was so fun! She did such a creative job at allowing her guests to have a good time, and the food was AMAZING! Oh my word. I think I ate myself silly. It was all so good I just didn't want to stop eating it. Haha.

Chris came too and we just had a blast. There's something about wedding receptions and weddings in general that make you fall even more in love with each other and just remind you of your special day. But we had so much fun just dancing the night away and visiting with friends. It was great. 

So happy for you Sarah and Tanner! Married life is wonderful. Thanks for letting 
us share it with you two!

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