Monday, November 21, 2011


We are finally here in Minnesota! This week of vacation has been a long
awaited one...Chris and I were starting to get really burned out with school,
work and other nonsense that coming to Minnesota to spend the
Thanksgiving holiday with my family was something we counted down for! Well, ok
I was the one doing the counting down, but Chris was pretty excited too.

We spent the night at my aunt and uncles saturday night since our flight left at the butt
crack of dawn sunday morning. Poor Chris stayed up all saturday night because
he didn't want to go to sleep for a few hours and then have to wake up and be all 
on the other hand couldn't do that! I needed my beauty sleep of course. Haha. 

The flight was good though. With being an early flight we were able to have a whole exit row
to ourselves and so I got to layout and pretty much sleep the whole flight. It was so
awesome.  When we got to Minnesota there was snow everywhere! It was crazy. Not in the
sense that it's Minnesota and we always have snow, but crazy that everything was covered in it.

So far though, it's been a great break. Chris and I didn't wake up this morning until 10:30! Haha. 
It was glorious. Even though I feel like I have stuff to do, which I do, I still can relax and 
enjoy being home and with my family. I missed them!

Poor Chris is wanting to experience Minnesota and there's not a ton that you can really experience during the winter months...BUT we do have a few things on our list to go see and do. That
being of course the wonderful Mall of America, as well as seeing St. Paul (we are going to see
if we can find the MN Vivint office location...haha), maybe an art museum, and also
we are thinking of sticking some movies in here and there! But most of all...
relaxation, relaxation, RELAXATION!

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