Friday, January 20, 2012

happy birthday to my man

happy birthday christopher

Yesterday was my hubbies birthday. He turned the big 24! I can't
believe it's already been a year since we last celebrated
this day together. This year I tried to make it
extra special since we're married and all.

Chris started out the day doing adult stuff like going to school and work
while I had the day off and ran a bunch of errands getting different
things ready for the fun later that night.

For the last few weeks Chris has been dying to do to Tucanos for dinner.
Now if you've never been there you have to sign up for their
VIP Birthday club and go during the month of your birthday because then it's free.

So we started off our night of birthday fun with eating at Tucanos down at Gateway.
What a fun dinner! The food was fantastic, and boy did we feel fatty
afterwards. But hey, it was birthday time and so it's ok.

After dinner I surprised Chris with Jazz tickets to the game that night.
Chris loves the Jazz. If I haven't already mentioned that before,
I'm mentioning it again. He LOVES the Jazz.

Anyways, the Jazz were playing the 2011 Champs, the Mavs last night
and I thought it would be a pretty fun night to go. So we showed
up early and we got to walk down to the floor where we saw
good old Dirk from the Mavs warming up. We then
got to see Chris's name on the jumbo tron where the Jazz
wished him a happy birthday
( done all thanks to his awesome wife )

We could only stay until after half-time, which was with the one
and only "Quick Change" the magician. you MUST YouTube this guy. He's amazing.
But it was a late game and so we had to get home. The game 
was great though. Too bad they lost by only 3!! We still love you Jazz.

Overall, I think it was a great night for my hubby on his 24th birthday.
I love you Christopher James!

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