Saturday, January 21, 2012

fat, sick, and nearly dead

Have you seen this documentary yet?

I just watched it this morning and it is incredible. It's about this guy
that goes through a 60 day juice diet to lose weight and gain
back his health. He travels the USA talking to people
about his journey and the things that they are eating. Watching
things like this is a bit eye opening for me.

Chris and I have been watching what we've been eating for the
past few weeks. We've been cutting down on the calories
we intake and have been tracking everything we
eat on the fabulous phone app called My Fitness Pal. 
(if you don't have this, get it now!)

At first it was hard not to drink my beloved Diet Coke,
and just go grab something fast and easy for dinner that fried
in grease and what not, but now it's a lot easier to
actually eat healthier. Don't get me wrong, I've always been
cautious of what I eat and making sure it's whole grains
and lots of fresh produce. I hate processed foods.
Hate them!! 

If you've got time to watch this documentary I recommend it.
It definitely makes you think about where you're health is at right now.

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