Saturday, February 4, 2012

introducing sadie!

So it's been a busy week at the McNulty household! We just added
a new little edition to our family on Tuesday night. Chris and I
have been talking about getting a dog for a long time and we weren't going
to do it until after we got back from Disney World in May, but with
me not working (long story...), we figured this might be a good
time to do it because I'm home to train her.

this is sadie:

Sadie has been a ball of energy! Chris and I feel like we are getting
a small taste of parenthood, even though we are totally
guessing this is sort of what it feels like ... being tired all the time, getting
barely any sleep (the first day or so only), cleaning up after her,
teaching her different things like where to go potty and how to sleep and stay
in her crate. So far it's been tough! I'm not going to lie.

Maybe I thought it would be easy?? Or maybe I thought that I would wake up and she 
would be all trained and I wouldn't have to do anything even though
I knew that it wasn't all going to happen over night. It's been
fun watching her learn in just the few days we've had her. It's crazy how
smart golden retrievers are! I can't wait until she is older and 
has learned a bunch of tricks. It's going to be awesome!

A few cute things Sadie does are:

- She loves to follow me around the house wherever I go she's right there with me
- She LOVES getting treats (even though they are the same as her food...we learned that dog
treats are too rich for her tummy right now the hard way)
- She loves playing with her rope toy and red bear
- She loves the park and eating leaves ... she scared of ducks
- She loves peanut butter
- She prances as she walks
- She's totally stubborn...wonder where she gets that from :)
- She hears me filling her bowl up with food from a mile away and comes running
- She loves taking naps in the corner of our two couches as well as spreading all the way 
out on the floor

This week has been a long one, and Sadie sleeps so much that I've been able 
to watch a lot of shows, job search, and clean my apartment. Hopefully this next week will
go a little smoother and Sadie will get better at going on her potty pad and not on
our carpet (even though it's way gross and I don't really care anyways).

Here are some more pictures of our cute little puppy :)

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