Tuesday, February 28, 2012

cruisin' the seas

In just a short amount of time, Chris and I will be gettin' our tan on, on this beauty!

In my family, for every senior that graduates, we go on a senior trip of their choosing. When I graduated it was a cruise, and now Maren's graduating and she also chose a cruise. My parents are being EXTREMELY generous and paying for us to go!

Chris has never been on a cruise before, and so I am way excited to go and experience that with him.

It's going to be great! Chris and I have been doing a lot of research about our ship and the different things that we get to do and experience, and it's going to be really fun and such a great escape from the Utah cold (more of an escape for my family from Minnesota though!).

Stay tuned for pictures and stories from the trip!


  1. what are you going to do with sadie?? if my apartment complex wasn't so dumb i would totally offer to doggy sit her :P but let me know if you need help anyway!!

  2. We are having Chris's little brother watch her. So nice!! Now we don't have to worry about how she will be treated when we're gone knowing that she's with family :)