Tuesday, February 28, 2012

another update

Oh our Sadie girl is getting big! She now weighs about 18 pounds and is getting to the point where I can't hold her for very long because my arms are going to fall off!

She's still continuing to get darker, at least that's what Chris and I think. Our eyes might be playing tricks on us because that's what we want to have happen. But she's got a really pretty color to her right now anyways.

Her newest thing is she likes to take any of her plush toys and rip them to shreds and take the stuffing out and get it all over the floor for me to clean up! It really is cute though. She gives us this look (the one in the picture) when we say her name that says "I'm not doing anything wrong. I'm just a cute puppy!" Chris and I try so hard not to laugh when we are disciplining her.

In other big news she's going to the bathroom outside all by herself!! She will still have a few accidents here and there when she's tired and not thinking, but overall she's been so good at going to the door to let us know that she has to "go". I could be happier! Now I'm tackling the constant pee smell from where her pee pad used to be, but overall my house doesn't smell like urine.

I've been trying to teach her some new tricks like sit and shake, and I am proud to say that she's picked them up all in a day! It's so cute and it makes me such a proud mama. It's funny though because with the "shaking" motion she knows she gets a treat, so all last night she would come up to me and essentially shake without me having to even say it to her. It was pretty cute. Next we are going to work on "come" and maybe roll over??

We can't wait to see what more our little baby girl can do!!

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