Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the academy awards 2012

Does anyone else love the Oscars?? It's one of the only award shows that I will actually watch and get excited for. Every year my aunt Lori puts on a big Oscar party, and I mean BIG! She decorates her house like crazy with all the pictures of the nominees of the big categories. She also prints out your very own ballot on this awesome gold paper and so we can have our own fun choosing who we think will win each category and then at the end of the show whoever got the most guesses right, wins a prize! Plus we all get dressed up in our "red carpet" best. It's a lot of fun and I am so grateful that Chris loves me enough to come and participate because let's be honest, it's a total ladies night! 

This year was one of the first years where I have seen hardly any of the nominated movies for best picture. I have to admit that I hate how many Oscars The Artist won. I heard it wasn't a very good show to begin with...I started voting for Hugo because it was taking most of the wins to begin with, but then I should've finished with choosing just The Artist. Chris and I did win the top two spots though! My other aunt usually takes it every year, but with her gone this year we had a chance. Haha. Chris took first with 12 guesses right, and the funny thing is, he cared the least for winning.

Here are some of my favorites things from this years award show:

These guys were hilarious!

Loved these two together in Iron Man, and now on stage. Robert's tebowing
backstage was classic.

Love her!! So happy so won another Oscar. She deserved it!

Overall it was a fun night of dressing up, eating yummy treats, and watching some great T.V.!

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