Tuesday, February 7, 2012

some down time...

So this whole not having a job thing right now has been good for me
to not only look for something that will be really good, but also
for me to design some new pieces.

I have had this frame that I took home from when I worked at Deseret Book.
It was my goal to design something in it and hang it up somewhere in
our apartment. I sat down today and with the awesome help
of our new set up, this is what I was able to create :)

Want one? Let me know and I'll send you the file and you can have one. 
I'll even make a different color for you so it can match your house!


  1. Super cute!! I'm not gonna lie I'm a little jealous that you have this extra time to just sit down and design whatever the crap you want without being bogged down by restrictions and other people's opinions! I love it. You have inspired me :)

  2. You can always design whenever and whatever you want!!!