Monday, August 6, 2012

finally the updates...

Hello friends and family!! It's been FOREVER since I have given an update,
and for that I am terribly sorry. Life has been crazy this past month with family in
town, and my semester finishing, and church callings, and etc. etc.

First up on the list was our cabin trip. Chris and I love going up to his grandparents
cabin for long weekends. Doug and Delene have been so great to let us come
and visit and relax, and this time we were able to bring Sadie! It was so great. Here
are a LOT of pictures from the fun weekend that we had!

Sadie had her first experience with a fish, which was fun to watch! She
loved the water and the time up in the mountains. It was sad to leave
that beautiful place up there, and we can't wait to go back again soon!!

Next up, the fourth of July. This is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate.
This year we got to do it with my family in town! It was so fun. 
We started the morning off by making some festive pancakes, and yummy
fresh fruit. We then strolled the streets of Provo for the Freedom Festival.

After that we went to a birthday party for some good friends of my parent's 
at their beautiful home in Provo. They had an amazing spread of food 
and it was all so good and so fun to be apart of.

Later that night we swung by Chris' uncles house to say hello to his
family and visit with them before we headed off to fireworks in Sandy.

We had such a great fourth of July! I loved every minute of it, and
I am so grateful that I was able to spend it with lots of family.
Here are pictures of our awesome day!

Finally, right after the fourth, my friend Jessica got married to Zach.
It was a beautiful ceremony that I am grateful to have been
able to go to. She looked so happy and I am so excited for her to 
join the married world! Congrats Jess and Zach!

 There's the update folks! As of right now, life is busy, but going well.
Chris is busy working, and I'm busy trying to find work. In the meantime
I've been busy making earrings (see previous post) and selling them
on my Etsy shop. We have been loving the summer, but we are
so excited to have fall start - football and cooler weather!!

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