Sunday, September 2, 2012

birthday weekend extravaganza!

Oh man what a great birthday I had this year! I think it's by far the best birthday I've had yet, and I've had some pretty good ones! Leave it up to my husband though to really spoil me rotten with surprises!

Since I am now working ( side note - I got a job at Vivint where Chris works, and I'm LOVING it!!) and my birthday was on a Monday this year, we decided we would have take the weekend to celebrate  my birthday. We also decided to do this because Chris started school on that Monday as well, so we weren't really given the whole day to party and let's be honest, my birthday is a PARTY! Haha.

Thursday - We started out the weekend by going to Texas Roadhouse with Chris's Mom and family, which was so yummy! So thanks again Kelly for taking us. It was lots of fun!

Friday - After work, Chris and I left straight for Fashion Place Mall where Chris let me spend all the money I had made in overtime the previous two weeks to go clothes shopping. Man did I get some great things! I'm so excited for them all. After my shopping spree, we met up with some friends at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Trolley Square. Yumm-o!! That's one of my all time favorites places to eat at.

Saturday - Chris had this whole day planned. I had no idea what we were doing! We grabbed some delicious breakfast at Magelby's and then headed up to Snowbird. We bought the all day passes to do everything that they have up there, which was a blast! My favorite was the Peruvian Chair Lift. It was so pretty up there and it was nice to just sit back and relax with my hubby. When we got to the top we walked through the tunnel to the other side of the mountain, which was awesome! We then grabbed some lunch, rode the tram, did the apline slide and walked around Octoberfest. It was such a fun day that my hubby planned for me!

Here are just a few of the loads of photos from the day:

Sunday - Oh my heck...this day was amazing because of the AWESOME surprise Chris gave me. So after church we went to my grandparents house for dinner. Chris brought me one present to open while I was there. I had no idea what was coming...

I opened the box and found this sitting inside of it:

Then I opened that box and found this inside of it:

What a surprise!!! Here's the video of me opening the surprise. There's no volume until the end (my poor hubby forgot to move his hand when he was recording it on his phone):

But I am so excited! We leave in less than two weeks with my grandparents and aunt and uncle. Chris got everything worked out with work for both of us too. He's amazing. I am so excited!!

I also got this cake to celebrate with one of my favorite Disney characters on top:

Monday - We went to work where I was greeted by a balloon bouquet from some co-workers! So great :) THEN Chris brought me flowers, which were so pretty and I still have them on my table today and they still look so great. After a fun day at work, Chris and I went to Tucano's for dinner, and then we came home and opened the presents from my family and a few more from Chris.

When I say that I was spoiled this birthday, I literally mean I was SPOILED! I feel so truly blessed by all those who helped celebrate my birthday and that surprised me with some great things. It was such a good birthday for me and I can't wait to be in Disneyland with my wonderful hubby and great family members!!

Here are some pictures from my actual day of birth:

(me sportin' my new Vivint sneakers!)

Thank you everyone, especially my wonderful husband, Chris! Love you and thanks for everything :)

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  1. So fun! I am always so impressed when hubby's can pull off these surprises AND work with the Wife's work to get the time off. That is so impressive! Have so much fun!! Happy Birthday!