Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 in review

Hello friends and family!  We are alive and well.  Sorry it's been was quite crazy for us at the end of the year.  With that, here's the McNulty's year in review (and I'm taking this from this lovely blog.  Love her stuff!):

january : We started another semester of classes, I quite Deseret Book, and we bought the best thing ever, Sadie.  She was so small I can't even believe it!  We loved her to death and she was so fun, although the late nights where she wouldn't sleep were a bit rough!  She is worth it though.

february : We discovered that Sadie likes peanut butter, and so we gave her a jar, which she ate all of it!  We celebrated the Oscars by having a "Oscar" party of our own.  We took Sadie sledding for the first time.  She loved it so much that she would chase anyone that was close to her while they went down the hill.

march : In March we went on a cruise with my family to the Mexican Rivera.  We got to go to Cabo San Lucas, and Puerto Vallarta.  It was great!  My sister came to visit for her spring break, and we took her to the color fest, which was great!

april : We celebrated our one year wedding anniversary.  Chris took me to our favorite spot in Provo, and we exchanged anniversary gifts.  I gave Chris a BYU basketball jersey and he gave me a really beautiful necklace.  We then we had a wonderful dinner at The Roof downtown.

may : We moved out of our apartment and into our new basement apartment.  We then took a trip to Orlando where I got to take Chris to Disney World.  We sweated our butts off every day, but we got to enjoy the wonderful sun, and disney magic!  Chris and I also got to taste the worldfulness of Butterbeer at Harry Potter World.  It was AMAZING!

june : We traveled down to St. George with some friends and hiked the Subway in Zion's National Park.  It was a tough hike, but so much fun.  We couldn't move the next few days though!  I also got to fly out for my sister, Maren's, high school graduation.  So fun!

july : I made my first batch of "4th of July" pancakes, which were awesome!  We watched some great fireworks in Sandy with my family, Chris's dad and wife, Lisa.  And we took a trip to the cabin and found some cool 4 wheeling trails.

august : I got a job at Vivint working for the Fleet Department, and love it!  I also celebrated my 24th birthday with a fabulous display of flowers and balloons on my desk at work.  Got some really terrific presents from my hubby and family, and got a surprise birthday trip to Disneyland!  I also got blonde highlights...thought I'd try something different.

september :  I started my last semester of college ever at BYU-Idaho.  We had a wonderful trip to Disneyland where we got to experience Cars Land for the first time, which was amazing.  We also ate at a really good BBQ place...twice..., and enjoyed the most amazing beaches.  I love California, and I was so sad to leave it!

october : We took our first family picture together up in Provo Canyon.  We carved some pumpkins with our good friends to put by our doorstep.  Then had a spooky, fun Halloween party at my aunt Lisa's house.

november :  We drove down to St. George for Thanksgiving with Chris' family.  We hit the Black Friday scene, and hit it big time at Walmart (sorry Mom...I still love Target with all my heart), and got all that we wanted.  Then at the end of the month we signed the papers to buy our new, cute home on the corner of the street (pictures to come soon!).

december :  We moved into our cute, corner lot home, and quickly set up Christmas.  I graduated BYU-Idaho with my Bachelor's Degree in Communications, and had a party to celebrate it.  We had express Christmas here in Utah.  I went to The Nutcracker with some of Chris' family.  We then flew to Minnesota for Christmas with my whole Dad's side of the family.  Played lots of games, opened lots of presents, watched lots of shows/movies, and rung in 2013!

Overall, we had a wonderful 2012.  I can't believe all that's happened this year.  So many exciting things to remember and cherish.  One thing I know for sure is how grateful I am for my marriage to a wonderful husband for time and all eternity.  I can't wait to see what this year has in store for us.

Bring it on 2013!

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