Sunday, February 10, 2013

christopher's birthday

(Side note: this is WAY late...but I'm turning a new leaf, and becoming better at posting...
let's see how it goes!)

On January 19th, Christopher celebrated his 25th birthday!  I can't believe the birthday's keep coming, but I wanted to make this birthday a special one since it marks halfway to 50, it was finally on a weekend, and Chris is always planning the most amazing birthday's for me, so I felt it fair to do the same for him.

I wanted to make it Utah Jazz themed, so I made a Jazz cake, which was HARD!  I also gave him some Jazz themed presents  -  Jazz floor mats, and a Jazz/BYU fleece blanket.  He also got a watch that he's been dying to have, and a handful of other things.

We started out the day by sleeping in, which in our house is a treat!  We then got up and ready for the day, and hopped in the car to start our first stop.  I made sure Chris blindfolded himself, so that he couldn't see where we were going.  I got to said location a bit early, so I drove around to really make sure Chris didn't know where we were.  The day continued as follows:

Stop 1 - Fong's restaurant for a delicious lunch with a small handful of my family members.

Stop 2 - We stopped at Scheel's in search of some BYU sweat pants for Chris, and came out with a new jacket for me, some sweat pants, a hat, a BYU helmet, and some holiday ornaments that were on a mega sale.  So one could say that it was a successful trip!

Stop 3 - Chris didn't own running shoes, and with our new workout regime  I figured it would be good for his feet and body to get some supportive shoes, so we hit the new outlets in Lehi (Park City outlets are still by far my favorite), and found a killer deal on some Nike shoes for him.  Thanks Kelly for making that possible with your generous gift card!

Stop 4 - A few days previous I stopped at the bank to pick up 25 nickels to go along with the 25th birthday theme.  With those nickels, we went to Nickel City to play some games.

Stop 5 - I had some of our friends meet us at Fat Cats Bowling to surprise Chris for some fun games of bowling.  Thanks guys!

Stop 6 - Our birthday ritual of eating at Tucano's happend, and we were able to enjoy the deliciousness of this place with some good friends, Talmage & Jessie.

After dinner, we went back to our house and had some cake and ice cream, and played some fun games.  It was a great birthday for a wonderful guy.  I am so lucky to have him in my life, and to celebrate another birthday with him.  Here's to 25+ more birthdays!  Love you babe :)

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