Wednesday, February 27, 2013

the oscars 2013

Did you watch the Oscars??  I sure did!  It's one of my favorite award shows to watch.  My aunt Lori puts on a big Oscar party for the family, and we get all dressed up and eat food, and cast our votes on our very own ballots.  It's pretty awesome.

It was quite a shocking year I must say!  I did not know that Life of Pi was going to take so many awards.  I thought for sure Les Miserables was going to take more than it did.  I was so happy that Jennifer Lawrence won best actress.  She a favorite of mine.  I didn't care much for Seth McFarland.  I didn't think he was that great...

Overall though, it was a great night, and Chris won the ballot!  Thanks aunt Lori for the gift for winning!  Here are some pictures from the night:

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