Sunday, February 17, 2013

park city

Yesterday, Chris and I decided to drive up to Park City for a few hours.  I had some gift cards still to spend, and it was a beautiful day.  The drive up was great!  I snapped some pictures of the frozen waterfalls, and we grabbed a drink, which ended up to not being as tasty as we thought it was going to be.  

We first hit the outlets, and I was able to use my giftcards up and get some things while Chris followed patiently behind me.  He's such a good sport!  I know none of that was too fun for him.

We then drove over to Main Street and walked up and down both sides.  We were finally able to go into all the stores we wanted to because they were actually open.  I would have to say our favorite shop was the Fur Store.  I'm bummed I didn't snap a picture while in there.  I tried on a jacket that was $50,000.  Yeah...totally up my alley.  Not!  It was really soft though! 

We then drove around some more to look at the homes.  If we had the money we would love to buy one up there.  It would be so fun to be right there by everything, even though I don't ski.  I just love the scenery!

We then headed to get a bite to eat at Baja Cantina for some yummy Mexican food.  OH.  MY.  GOODNESS it was delicious!  I love mexican food, and I think this is the best Mexican I've had in a long time.  

We had a great day trip up to Park City.  It's always a place we love to go whether it's rain or shine!

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