Friday, July 19, 2013

capistrano 2013

Last week, Chris and I spent our days on the beaches of San Juan Capistrano in southern California.  My Mom's side of the family has been renting a beach house on this beach for years, and years.  It's one of my favorite places to go because it has so many fond memories!  But Chris and I love going to California.  We are hoping that maybe one day we will be living there.  We'll see though!

We had quite the full house this year.  Chris and I haven't been since the first year we got married, so it was fun to be back, and to visit with family members that we don't get to see all the time since they live out of state.

While we were in California, we obviously had to spend some time at Disneyland!  This time around though, it was a bit different for me since I'm carrying a little baby inside, so I'm limited on what I can ride.  My Mom and sister Shelby tagged along though, so Chris had some ride buddies for the more advanced rides.  He was a happy camper!  I still had a great time being in the parks and enjoying all the Disney magic!

Had to get some belly shots :)

We spent most of the week just hanging out on the beach, catching sand crabs, reading books, playing sudoku, watching movies, shopping at the rainbow store, and spending time with family.  It was so fun, and crazy to think that it was our last year as just us "two" because next year we will have a little man tagging along with us!  Can't wait :)

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