Sunday, August 25, 2013

we have returned from Minnesota!

We are back from the land of 10,000 lakes (aka Minnesota)!  We had such a good trip.  I'm so sad to be back home, but I'm glad the 19 hour drive is over with to say the least.

Chris and I haven't been back to Minnesota during the summer time since before we were married. That's 3 1/2 years!  It was about time that we returned.  We forgot how nice it was to be there during the warmer days.  The last few years we've been there during the winter months, and it's not super fun because it's so dang cold!

Our drive out to Minnesota wasn't too bad.  We decided to take a more northern route since Chris had never seen Mount Rushmore.  We stopped at famous BBQ place for dinner in Wyoming, which was really good, and got up early the next morning so that we could see both Crazy Horse, and Mount Rushmore.  We also paid a visit to the great Wall Drug Store, which is always an interesting visit!

Our week in Minnesota was filled with lots of fun stuff though.  We started out by getting some great seats at the Minnesota Twins game.  Chris needed a do over from his past experience, and this one was better minus the fact that the Twins lost.  Oh well!

We also spent a day at the Minnesota State Fair.  Man did I miss this place!!  It was definitely a prego woman's dream come true.  You can find just about everything you can think of to eat at this fair.  We had some yummy, yummy treats.  My mouth is watering just thinking of everything we ate.  I wish I could go back and have it all again.

The rest of the week consisted of another baby shower for baby mcnulty (I am seriously getting spoiled rotten by such great people!), lots of pool time, naps by the pool, my sisters trying on both mine and my mom's wedding dresses, watching the latest episodes of Psych, playing games, and telling funny stories about each other into the wee hours of the night.

Saturday came way too fast and it was time for us to leave the great state of Minnesota and return home to Utah.  The drive home was way harder than driving out.  I do not advise driving 19+ hours at 30 plus weeks pregnant.  My body (mainly my back) did not like it one bit!  

But at least our trip was adventurous!  It included lots of singing to music, getting pulled over in a gas station parking lot because I needed to pee and Chris had to pass a truck in order to exit the freeway (the cop must have been bored!  He was nice to us though when he saw that I was pregnant and knew that I had to pee, and we didn't get a ticket), sleeping in our own queen beds filled with pillows - this was my heaven, and fulfilling the famous Aase family tradition of stopping at the very first Taco Time in Rock Springs, WY.  

Thanks Mom and Dad for a super fun week in Minnesota!!  Hopefully we'll be back again soon one day for a little vacay, or who knows, maybe to live there?

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