Monday, September 9, 2013

the big 2-5!

Two weeks ago (better late than never, right?) I celebrated my 25th birthday.  Crazy to think that I'm already half a century old!!

This year was a bit different than past birthday's for me.  Chris usually plans a whole day full of surprises that totally rock, but since I've started working again, we haven't really been able to celebrate like that on my birthday.  It usually ends up being around my birthday, which is just fine!

This year we were in Minnesota with my family the week before, and so we decided to celebrate mine and my sister Dayna's birthday's together there.  Her's is the day before mine, so it was fun to celebrate them together with my parents, which for me hasn't happened in 3 years! 

We were super low key, which for this prego was awesome, and just what I wanted!  There were games, yummy, food, lots of laughing, and of course -- presents :)

My husband spoiled me rotten and got me the diaper bag I've been drooling over, but feel too guilty getting because it's a tad bit expensive.  But somehow he was able to get a good deal thanks to gift cards and amazon money to score me a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag.  I'm in heaven, and cannot wait to put it to use!!

Last week for my actual birthday, I had my sister and cousin stay over the night before.  We woke up to the aroma of bacon (my dream!), and Chris cooking away in the kitchen.  He had made us a really yummy breakfast!  This man of mine knows his way around the kitchen.

We then relaxed and watched some movies (again, just what I needed) for a bit.  After a few hours, and a flower delivery (!!) later, we decided that we should go and do something.  We got ready and headed out for some lunch and bowling.  After Chris got home, we dropped my sister and cousin off at my grandparents and headed to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  Yum-o!! It was so good.  My mouth is just watering thinking of the yummy food and cheesecake I got.

Chris then (once again!) surprised me with another gift to do some shopping.  I hit up Motherhood to get some maternity jeans, and then Bath & Body Works to get some goodies.  I felt like a pretty lucky gal to have a husband that spoils me rotten, and goes out of his way to make me feel extra special on my big day.  Sure do love that man!