Thursday, December 12, 2013

Parker - 2 months!

Parker turned 2 months old on Tuesday!  Where is this time going?  Our little guy has changed so much over this past month, we just love watching him grow.

weighs : 9 lbs. 13 oz.!
length :  22 1/2 inches long

- He still loves his hands up by his face.  He always seems to get them up there no matter what we do to prevent it.
- He still LOVES his soothie binkie from the hospital, and still refuses to take other kinds.  I've tried to trick him, but it hasn't worked yet.
- He is more awake and active now.  This makes it fun being around him because he's starting to get interactive.
- Loves to be held, and snuggled all the time - I can't get enough of this yet.  I'll try and put him down so I can get some work done, or things done around the house, and he'll fuss and cry until I pick him up.  As soon as I do he'll just look at me and smile.  What a stinker! 
- Still loves his swing.  He's just discovered the mobile hanging above his head, and he'll just sit and look at it.
- He is still in newborn diapers, and newborn clothing, although I can tell he's getting longer because a small handful of his clothes are getting short on him.
- He loves riding in the car.  It usually always calms him down.
- He's been sleeping 5-6 hours every night, which is fabulous for us!

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