Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hermana Maren Aase

Well my sister has left on her mission!  I can't believe that this day is already here.  Technically I already said goodbye to her, but then I got a wonderful surprise for Christmas that I was going to get to fly back to Minnesota to spend her last days with her and to see her off at the airport, so today wasn't as hard to say goodbye as I thought it would be.  

My family drove Maren to the airport at the crack of dawn - good thing we love her lots ;).  We shared some last laughs together (for awhile), gave lots of hugs, shed some tears, and said one last goodbye for 18 months.  As we drove home later we talked about how weird it felt to see her wave goodbye, and know that we wouldn't see her for a while.  But she's off to do great things!

(forgive my scary's 4 am when this picture was taken :)

I know my sister is going to be great on her mission.  I can't wait to read her weekly emails, and to hear about the lives she's going to touch.  If you are interested in following her journey, see her blog HERE.

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