Thursday, March 27, 2014

home update - part 1

Ever since we've known that we were going to stay in our house for at least another year, there have been some random changes that we've I wanted to make.

One of the first things I wanted was blinds.  Something the previous owner thought was awesome were cloth drapes...yeah they weren't so awesome, especially because I couldn't wash them!  So they got SOOO dirty.  The other thing I wanted to do was paint the kitchen and the bathroom and get rid of the ugly bright yellow - another thing the previous owner thought was awesome...

This is a picture of our front window before the blinds were put up.  Sadie, as you can see, loves to stare out this window, to see what's going on outside.  Because she has been doing this, our blinds have gotten filthy, and I had no way to wash them!  Yuck-o.  And I was never able to really make the cloth drapes look nice, and I always felt like my house was "messy".  I know that was just me and my OCD thinking that.  They did their job, but they weren't ideal.  

I am in LOVE with our new blinds.  It's made our home look brand new to us, and we are really liking how they look.  I didn't take pictures of all of them, but you get the idea ;)

The other thing that I love about these blinds is all the natural light we can have now.  Before I wasn't able to get a ton in, but now I feel like our house is so much brighter, and it feels more open.  

Stay tuned for more updates :)

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