Sunday, April 13, 2014

Parker vs. the Park

This past week, both Parker and I have been battling some colds, so we've been stuck inside most of the fun!  By Friday I had had enough.  The weather was beautiful, so I packed the strolled, grabbed Sadie and Parker, and headed over to the park by us.  I thought some sun would do us some good, and boy was I right!  It did so good, that we even headed out the next day with Dad!

Parker has his first experience with touching grass.  The first day we went he wasn't for it at all.  In fact he would cry if any part of his body touched it.  But day two he seemed really interested in it.  He would pick it up and play with it in his hands, and stare at it.  I think it's a sign that he will like playing outside in the future :)

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