Friday, May 23, 2014

Cruise Trip - Part 1

OK, I seriously promise I am going to get better at blogging.  I am SO incredibly behind, it's not even funny!  But this has been a crazy time for our family -- Chris graduating, my family here, us leaving on vacay, and now being home and getting back into the swing of things.  So I have lots, lots, lots to post on, so stay tuned!

Now on to the fun stuff!!
(sorry for the legit overload in pictures!)

Chris and I were very fortunate (thanks to a number of things given to us at the beginning of the year) to go on a Disney Cruise this past week.  Neither of us had ever been on this particular cruise line, and we were more than stoked to go and share this experience together.  

If any of you know my husband and I, you know that we are big Disney fans.  In the 4 years that we've been together, we've done something Disney related at least once if not twice each one of those years.  We're crazy, I know.  Haha.  We just love it too much!

We decided to turn this vacation into a celebration of a number of things - Chris graduating, our 3 year anniversary, and anything else we could think of!  We had a layover in Minnesota on our way out to drop off Parker with my parents, which was a bit hard seeing this was our first time apart from him that was longer than a few hours, but it helped knowing that he was in great hands, and we knew my family would take advantage of every second they have with him.  We flew to Orlando and found a hotel close to the airport, and the next morning we headed to Port Canaveral where we checked-in and got on our ship!

We walked through these awesome Mickey ears, and were welcomed onto the beautiful Disney Fantasy.  This ship was breathtakingly beautiful.  I'm not even exaggerating.  The details are incredible, and endless!  Chris and I were finding new things throughout the whole week, and we couldn't get over how clean the ship was and stayed!

The ship was designed after the 1920's era, and so everything throughout resembled this chandelier, or was tied to it somehow, which we loved! 

We got very lucky with our room!  Our room was located on the back corner of the ship, which was a handicap room, but since it wasn't needed that week, we got it.  There was so much room, it was awesome!  But we had great views from our balcony and when we came into a few ports.

There are so many pictures that I am going to post on this trip, that I'm going to do it in several posts.  Stay tuned for the next one, which will be up tomorrow!!

So, in the words of Mickey, "See ya real soon!"
(just couldn't resist :) haha)

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